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Our Team

Alan Williamson

Owner / Pharmacist

Alan Williamson is the proud owner and Pharmacist of Pharmasave Caulfeild Village, a 3rd generation Pharmacist after his father, Rob Williamson, and his Grandfather Phil. Alan grew up in this community (Cypress Park Estates), and having purchased this location from his father in 2008, continues to enjoy serving the residents of Caulfeild Village to this day.

Alan first tasted the pharmacy world at a young age, making deliveries for his father on his bike in the Vancouver area. Over the years, he worked his way up from stock boy to PharmacyManager, and today owns seven Pharmasave locations across British Columbia. 

A graduate from faculty of Pharmacuetical Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Alan enjoys skiing, photography, travelling, and the great outdoors.  He most enjoys however, spending time with his family, wife Beth and two children Andrew and Leah.

Come by Pharmasave Caulfeild Village and let Alan and his team serve you!


Beth Williamson

Owner / Lifestyle and Ideal Protein Coach

Along with Alan, Beth is another proud owner of Pharmasave Caulfeild Village and also a fully trained Ideal Protein Coach. Beth helps clients reach their ultimate weigh tloss goal through therapeutic nutrition and weekly coaching sessions. Many of her clients have developed a close relationship with her through their health and wellness journey.

Born in Ontario and graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Clinical Nutrition. She has experience as a clinical dietician, and has specialized in pediatric and cardiovascular nutrition. Outside of pharmasave, she enjoys being a full time mom, dog lover and avid skier!

Beth has a passion for health and is dedicated to helping our customers live their best lives.


Front Store Manager

Les is the Front Store Manager at Pharmasave Caulfeild Village and has been with this location since 1995. He's had over 32 years of experience in pharmacies, and with that amount of expertise, claims, "I've pretty much seen it all, but each day continues to be enjoyable and a challenge."

He thoroughly enjoys that along with Alan, the Pharmasave brand allows them to tailor the Caulfeild Village location to each unique customers needs, fulfill special requests, and "turn on a dime" to provide the best solutions and products to the community. 

When not at the store (which isn't often!), Les likes exotic travelling to Asian destinations like Japan, the great Wall of China, and Nepal.



Helen is a recent addition to the Pharmasave Caulfeild Village team as Pharmacist since February of 2012, but has worked under the Pharmasave banner in downtown Vancouver for over 19 years. She brings a vast wealth of knowledge to the position here, and her fellow co-workers often take polls as to how many hugs she gives out a day! Many of the customers are close friends and people she's gotten to know over the years in her previous positions, making each day full of emotion an joy for Helen.

Helen graduated from the Pharmacy program in Johannesburg in South Africa, and loves running, music, and taking care of her two teenage daughters.


Natural Health Manager

Rebecca's had a natural interest in health and wellness all her life. Influenced by her father, a medical doctor, she would study herbs and other alternative modalities late into the night! As Natural Health Manager, Rebecca brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the customers of Pharmasave Caulfeild Village, and takes great joy in seeing their health improve over time. 

Come by and let Rebecca assist you in finding alternative ways to LIVE WELL through Natural Health

When not at the store, Rebecca continues her ongoing study and learning about Natural Health in her spare time, and also enjoys yoga, travelling, surfing and all types of dance.


Post Office Manager

Hamid is here to assist you at the Canada Post Office located in the Pharmasave Caulfeild Village, and has been serving customers since 1996. You'll always engage in good conversation with Hamid, and his sense of humour will keep you smiling.

"Each day is different, and the customers are great to work with," Hamid says, "which is why I love coming in each day." 

Hamid also enjoys playing tennis and is an avid soccer fan in his spare time.